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This image is original and exclusive: it will not be reprinted anymore-just one impression.


If you acquire it, you will receive a certificate of authenticity and exclusivity.




The way you see this photo is the same way that my camera caught it.

I did some editing work, but this editing work has been minor.


The editing process did not include merging, mixing, or blending images.


I have developed a distorting reality method that shows you what is behind or inside one scene.


"What you see is not what it is, and what it is, is not what you see."


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Ho'noponopono III

  • What Is Ho’oponopono?

    Derived from the Huna (meaning “secret”) tradition based on ancient Hawaiian religious principles,ho’oponopono is a prayer-based healing practice from Hawaii that promotes forgiveness. This practice, loosely translated as “to make right, orderly, or correct,” focuses on healing both the self and others, problem-solving, and conflict resolution. Used by shamans and other healers in ancient times, this practice was sought by individuals, families, and communities to bring peace and healing.

    Through ho’oponopono, in its modern, popularized form, individuals make things right within themselves and with others by repeating the following prayer or mantra: “I’m so sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you. I love you.” Through such repetition, people learn to change their mindsets to promote healing and overall well-being by recontextualizing their memories. Practitioners of ho’oponopono believe that a person’s thoughts and memories create their reality; if one feels pain, it is caused by memory. This practice allows people to “clear away” their memories and free themselves from them.

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