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This image is original and exclusive: it will not be reprinted anymore-just one impression.


If you acquire it, you will receive a certificate of authenticity and exclusivity.




The way you see this photo is the same way that my camera caught it.

I did some editing work, but this editing work has been minor.


The editing process did not include merging, mixing, or blending images.


I have developed a distorting reality method that shows you what is behind or inside one scene.


"What you see is not what it is, and what it is, is not what you see."


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SHE, The ET Ballerina

  • SHE, The ET Ballerina, I want to dance with you tonight; please come down and give me the honor of dancing with me.

    Please, hear my cries and wants, and please; hear my prayers and wishes: please, come down and dance with me tonite.

    I dreamt about you, I fantasized about our close encounter, I live for it, and I would die without it.

    She, The ET Ballerina, She the ET Ballerina, come to my rescue, come to our encounter, let's dance until eternity, dance with me until disappearing.


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