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24x36 $895.00

30x40 $995.00

40x50 $1095.00


This image is original and exclusive: it will not be reproduced anymore-just one impression.

If you acquire it, you will receive a certificate of authenticity and exclusivity.

This is a great opportunity for art collectors.




The way you see this photo is the same way that my camera caught it.

I did some editing work to it, but this editing work has been minor.


The editing process did not include merging, combining, mixing, or blending images.


I have developed a distorting reality method that shows you what is really behind or inside one scene.


"What you see is not what it is, and what it is, is not what you see."


  • Artist's statement 


    My artistic process is a distorted method and was revealed to me by the cosmos, the same source of our reality. My artistic process is a negotiation, where I negotiate with reality, the real world, and my desires. 


    I am merely an instrument used by the cosmos to reveal my reality and share it with you all. My art and process give me the boldness to challenge the tyranny of reality. With that boldness, the images begin to reveal themselves. 


    I grab my camera and throw myself into conquering our daily realities. I dig deep within myself to unveil my subject's real essence, and mercifully I'm able to escape the grasp of everyday reality and reveal my own. 


    What do I want to say with my art?


    Through my work, I celebrate the human spirit of self-awareness and self-realization and try to capture man's interaction with his surroundings and the "Real World."


    "What you see is not what it is, and what it is; is not what you see." 


    Moisés A. Brador

  • If you're not happy with a purchase that you made on MABA art, for any reason, you can return it to us within 30 days of the order date. As soon as it arrives, we'll issue a full refund for the entire purchase price. Please note - MABA art does not reimburse the outgoing or return shipping charges unless the return is due to a defect in quality.

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